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Updated: April 2, 2021
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FactorPad Timeline

I cover new technologies to help you advance your data analysis career.

While many from the media glamourize programming with buzzwords like data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, several things we know will remain true.

With those points in mind, I produce relevant educational content for the aspiring FinTech professional who is ready to go beyond talking, and to start doing.

I also produce datasets for common stocks with a focus on risk-based measures, because so few people understand risk management at the institutional-level.

Original Content Published Since 2016
Date Content Subject
2016 Investment Modeling Bootcamp, Glossary, Innovators, Linux Essentials
2017 Data Science in Linux and Python, Linux Essentials, new Cloud deployment and web interface, Vim text editor, Apache Solr, Data Science
2018   Career Talk, HTML, Cheat Sheets, Quant 101 Financial Modeling in Excel
2019 In-Person University teaching and content development for Excel/Python for Finance and fundamental analysis consulting projects, 2000 Stock Risk Measures with Python
2020 Financial analysis consulting and Stock Risk Measures for 2,000 US-based Companies in Python
2021 Implement custom content management system written in Python and Jinja2, removing website ads and their cookies, and developing an investment process for a family office.

You will find most video content here is duplicated in print so you can follow along with the code examples. Now that we have 2,300+ web pages and 250+ videos, our next step is to make content easier to find, plus update the interface and remove ads.

So look for upcoming tutorials on:

What's the Niche?

Our Audience

A career in technology attracts those who love to learn new skills. Reinventing ourselves is a normal part of life and it's enjoyable. Our audience:

If that sounds like you, then poke around and connect with us.


Our audience loves data open, software free and heaps of transparency.

Here's a glimpse at viewer demographics.

Gender % %
Male 79
Female 21

Age % %
13 - 17 1
18 - 24 38
25 - 34 40
35 - 44 16
45 - 54 4
55+ 1

Top Countries % %
United States 24
India 21
United Kingdom 4
Canada 4
Germany 3

FactorPad YouTube Channel statistics collected for the 28-day period ending 1/24/21.

Our Shared Beliefs

Humans Rule

Yes, we are passionate about computers, algos, regressions, operating systems and how things connect. That said, we musn't over-rely on conclusions drawn from data analysis.

Every system has limitations.

We vow to think hard about conclusions drawn and we will always view data through an experienced human lens.

How to Connect?

I personally find most social media and ad networks to be creepy and overreaching, so currently I'm most active at this website, on YouTube and through the mailing list. All new content is announced on the Twitter account @factorpad.

To inquire about consulting projects, advisory engagements or to build an institutional-level investment process or algorithm, contact Paul Davis at paulalandavis.com.

With a 25+ year career, a Finance degree and MBA, CFA Charterholder Paul Davis offers a unique perspective gained from experience across two industries.

What's Next?

If you learned something valuable here and support what I'm up to, please contribute a tip. I'd like to generate more helpful content and anything you can do will help.

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My favorite coffee drink is a caffè macchiato. Click below to contribute just $4.50 on a monthly basis to help me achieve the goals of:

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Tips are not tax deductible and are non-refundable.

If you aren't able to contribute today, please consider placing a link on your website to factorpad.com. Also, join, follow, subscribe and refer this site to a colleague or pupil who may benefit.

Thank you, -Paul

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