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Finance: Financial Model Building, Risk Management, Statistics, Portfolio Theory, Excel, Python.

Technology: Linux, Python, Vim, Apache Solr, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

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Video Tutorials

Hosted on YouTube, many videos are 4-7 minute summaries while others resemble college courses and last 20 minutes.

We minimize mathematical notation and focus on concepts so learning is accessible for everyone.

    How to find expected return on a stock using CAPM (17:40)

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Video Scripts

All web pages follow a consistent format with full transcripts and code examples.

This is how we show code inline, whatis man.

Code windows look like this.

$ echo "make up words" > ../ridiculouslylongfilename.txt $ ln -s ../ridiculouslylongfilename.txt video21.txt $ _

From Linux Essentials, video 21:
    Linux ln command summary with examples (03:57)

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Reinforce what you learn with quizzes (click box for answer).

Which noted scholar in behavioral finance explained synthetic CDOs with Selena Gomez in a cameo for the film The Big Short (2015)? | Daniel Kahneman, Robert Shiller or Richard Thaler?

Richard Thaler

In a Sentence

Have fun with the Glossary. Here's the term Minimum Variance Portfolio used in a sentence and overheard at the college lecture.

Doc:   For investors who follow MPT, there's an ETF that runs MVO and manages a Minimum Variance Portfolio, or MVP.
Leo:  OMG.


What About Data?

Common Stock Dataset

We publish stock risk measures for 2,000 US-based stocks monthly, ranked across all stocks, then by sector and industry.

These risk measures are common across institutional-level risk models and are used for risk budgeting, portfolio optimization and performance attribution ...all favorite topics at FactorPad.

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