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For those in Finance it's time to learn a programming language. If you code already, next up is analyzing data in a scientific manner.
  1. Go beyond the spreadsheet - Accelerate your career and bridge from the spreadsheet to a programming language.
  2. Data overload - Avoid getting lost in the myraid of data points thrown at you every day.
  3. Formula notation - Rely less on greek symbols and focus on concepts.
  4. Viewpoints - Filter through opinions, philosophies, biases and sales pitches.
  5. Have a plan - Use an academically conceived roadmap that is built practically.
  6. Structure - Build a structured process around how you see the world, one step at a time, leaning on technology, so it's measurable and repeatable.
  7. Stay ahead - Keep your advantage and stay ahead of technological change.
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Updated: February 16, 2021
If that sounds like where you want to go, keep reading.

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What Can You Learn Here?

We lean on advancements over the last 60 years in Finance highlighting changes brought on by the proliferation of computers.

From there we highlight future directions and technologies, like Python, MySQL databases and publishing in the cloud.

If crunching numbers with Python is your thing, our Technology tutorials supplement what you learn here.

Tutorials in Finance

Tutorials are freely accessible here and on YouTube so have a look around.

Current Tutorials

Name Status Videos Published Web Pages Published Technologies
Investment Modeling BootCamp Q2 2016 (Content under revision) 34 of 100 1 of 1 - Excel
- Python
Quant 101 - Financial Modeling Tutorials Q2 2018 Ongoing 27 of 30 28 of 31 - Excel

Reference Material

Name Status Videos Published Web Pages Published Technologies
Finance Glossary Q3 2016 Ongoing 28 of 91 91 of 91 - Excel
Innovators Since 1900 Q3 2016 Ongoing 0 of 0 1 of 1 Not Applicable

Upcoming Tutorials and Reference Material

The following projects are under continued development.

Please tell me where you'd like the focus. Reach me on @factorpad on Twitter.

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