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Having technical skills is important but developing soft skills and industry experience will accelerate your career.
  1. Current events - Hear new viewpoints on timely career topics.
  2. New software - Save time by reviewing our detailed reviews.
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  4. Viewpoint - Benefit from a unique background with the full stack at the Linux command line and quantitative finance.
Paul Alan Davis, CFA, February 10, 2018
Updated: October 27, 2018
Buckle up and have some fun.

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What is the Opportunity?

With new tutorials popping up seemingly every minute teaching us how to do things, Career Talk offers why we do things. The viewpoint comes from years of experience in tying together technology with finance in order to make better decisions, and go beyond classroom learning.

Our Current Content

See The 10 Steps to Create a Pitch Book for Institutation Investors - A web page and video providing a template for a well thought-out presentation.

See Is Bitcoin in a Bubble? - Define a bubble, discuss common characteristics of bubbles as well as current events and decide if Bitcoin is in fact in a bubble as of February 10, 2018.

See Your best interview question to land a Portfolio Manager job is ...? - What is important to the hiring manager? How you can impress the interviewer and demonstrate why you are the most qualified candidate.

See Is Passive Investing an Illusion? - As investors race to index funds and wealth management firms preach the merits of passive investing, is this just an illusion?

See Bloomberg, S&P CapIQ, FactSet, Thomson Reuters: Buy or Build? - Considerations for using financial data providers Bloomberg, FactSet, S&P Capital IQ (CapIQ) or Thomson Reuters or build your own in Python or R programming with open-source data in SQL databases in the Cloud in AWS or Google Cloud.

Questions and Answers

Q:  What are the prerequisites?
A:  Most of the content in this section is written for beginners so a general knowledge of computers and financial markets is normally sufficient.

Q:  Is this content free?
A:  Yes, it is ad-supported. Referrals always help, so let your friends and colleagues know about FactorPad.

What's Next?

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