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Time is precious. Technologies change fast. What's the best way to keep up?
  1. Our stack - Learn about our stack with solutions for web hosting, search, data science and quantitative finance.
  2. Tutorials - See if one of our published series in Technology fits your goals and experience level.
  3. Reference - Examine cheat sheets and reference material for Linux, HTML, Vim and Apache Solr.
  4. Games - Play the Vimazing Race and get started with mouse-free navigation.
by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, August 7, 2017
Updated: December 20, 2018
Our focus is at the command line because it offers the quickest and lowest-hassle opportunity to scale and learn. Keep reading.

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What Can You Learn Here?

We group materials around four layers of the software stack and keep adding as we go along.

  • Presentation - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Solr Search
  • Programming - Python Scientific Stack
  • Database - MySQL and MariaDB
  • Operating System - Linux (command line)

If Excel is your thing, our Finance tutorials utilize spreadsheets and make the transition to programming easier.

Our Approach

The coding language landscape changes fast and it's easy to waste time. To help, we create freely-accessible and professional-quality tools that don't wander far from the command line.

For example, instead of tutorials on third-party software like WordPress we focus on the code behind the scenes, HTML and CSS, in this case. This provides more freedom and flexibility down the road.

Yes, the learning curves are steep and there's more up-front work, but over time you'll be more valuable and more marketable.

Tutorials are published on YouTube and in print here so you can see code examples and follow along.

Tutorials in Technology

All of our content is currently freely-accessible so please look around.

Current Tutorials

Name Status Videos Published Web Pages Published Technologies
Linux Essentials Q4 2016 Ongoing 108 of 120 108 of 120 - Linux (command line)
- Debian 8 & 9
Linux Tutorials Q3 2018 Ongoing 1 of 1 3 of 3 - Linux (command line)
- Debian 9
- System Administration
- Random tasks
Full Stack Data Science Q1 2017 Ongoing 33 and open-ended 34 of 34 - Linux (command line)
- Debian 8 & 9
- Python
- MySQL / MariaDB
Apache Solr Search Q3 2017 Ongoing 9 and open-ended 9 of 9 - Linux (command line)
- Debian 8 & 9
- Apache Solr
- Apache Lucene

Reference Material

Name Status Videos Published Web Pages Published Technologies
ASCII Table Q1 2018 0 of 0 1 of 1 - A reference to decimal and hexadecimal codes for ASCII characters
Unicode Latin 1 Q1 2018 0 of 0 1 of 1 - A reference to decimal and hexadecimal codes for Unicode characters 128-256, also known as ASCII extended
Linux Cheat Sheet Q3 2016 Ongoing 0 of 0 1 of 1 - Linux (command line)
HTML Reference and Tag List Q4 2017 Ongoing 0 of 0 18 of 18 - HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Vim Cheat Sheet Q3 2017 Ongoing 0 of 0 1 of 1 - Vim command reference
Vim Reference Q3 2017 Ongoing 5 of 5 7 of 7 - Vim text editor
Python Reference Q4 2018 Ongoing 0 of 0 10 of 13 - Python 3 keywords, functions and modules
Solr Reference Q3 2017 Ongoing 0 of 0 21 of 21 - Apache Solr
- Apache Lucene

Educational Games

Name Status Videos Published Web Pages Published Technologies
Vimazing Race Q3 2017 Ongoing 0 of 0 1 of 1 - Vim editor

Also, check out our Random Number Generator. It's the easiest one to use online and the write-up answers whether computer-generated numbers are truly random.

Upcoming Online Educational Material

The following projects are under development.

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Solr Tutorial
  • Data Science

Please tell us where you'd like us to focus. Reach us on social media.

What's Next?

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