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Learn HTML - Web design tutorials for beginners

HTML is where your journey to building websites begins. It can be daunting, so we prioritize which of the 108 HTML5 Tags to learn first.
  1. HTML Elements - start with an All HTML Tags List with deep-dives on the most essential tags for beginners.
  2. HTML Attributes - Focus on about half of the 24 Global Attributes in our carefully summarized list.
  3. HTML Tutorials - Take a linear approach with tutorials combined with reference materials (coming soon).
  4. CSS - Comfortably bridge the gap with CSS styling examples.
  5. JavaScript - Gain a solid understanding before manipulating the DOM with scripting.
by Paul Alan Davis, December 26, 2017
Updated: December 18, 2018
We focus first on HTML in our quest to become a successful web developer. Please join us.

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What is the Opportunity?

With more and more emphasis on computers and devices, the demand for web developers is strong, pay is high and job satisfaction is positive.

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, offers a great place for the beginner to start building web development skills. Making a website is a good training run. It's easy, inexpensive and offers significant upside potential for the creative and driven.

In addition to that, HTML is directly linked to two other in-demand technologies. First, CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. It helps the web developer alter fonts, colors, tables and set up the layout of the HTML document itself.

Second is JavaScript which is a full programming language. It can be used on the client-side, meaning in the web browser to automate and add functionality for the user. It can also be used on the server side, which offers the JavaScript developer a positive career trajectory.

A solid understanding of the three can take years. Hopefully these web pages make the learning go faster.

Current HTML Learning Content

  • HTML Reference - for a structured approach, bookmark our growing resource where we first explore the basic HTML tags list and then fully explore its connection with CSS and JavaScript.

The goal is to learn how to build dynamic websites using today's technology that is transferable to high paying jobs.

What's Next?

Much of our content is presented in video on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe here.

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