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While most of our content is how-to oriented, here we interpret current events, new technologies and viewpoints.
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Updated: February 16, 2021
If your focus is on processing investment data and making decisions more confidently, you will find value here.

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The Opportunity

Decades of technology disruption has taught us that those who react fastest reap the greatest rewards. Think about the inroads technology has made in these industries.

The investment space in Finance has seen slow but steady disruption since the wide adoption of computing power, particularly in the 2000s. Now with open-source software, widely available APIs and freely accessible datasets, all it takes takes is knowledge, a plan and motivation.

In Career Talk we go beyond classroom learning and offer deep and insightful context to help you filter through the noise and make more informed career decisions.

About Career Talk

Career Talk is a series of videos on YouTube, with demonstrations in Python, Excel or PowerPoint. At this website you will find accompanying transcripts and other supplemental material.

New content is published periodically. For reminders, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and no-spam email list.

With a 25+ year career, a Finance degree and MBA, CFA Charterholder Paul Davis offers a unique perspective gained from experience across two industries.

Topics covered here include:


Below is a sample of Career Talk content.

Star System

Content is rated by difficulty level so you know what to expect.


Career Talk in Video

Hosted on YouTube, many videos are 4-7 minute summaries while others involve deep dives and resemble college courses and last 20 minutes.

With minimal mathematical notation the focus is on concepts so learning is accessible for everyone.

Bloomberg, S&P CapIQ, FactSet, Thomson Reuters: Buy or Build? (25:11)

Video Script

For the HTML text version, see Bloomberg, S&P CapIQ, FactSet, Thomson Reuters: Buy or Build?

This episode of Career Talk covers considerations for whether to buy data and applications from financial data providers or build your own in Python or R programming with open-source data in SQL databases in the Cloud at AWS or Google Cloud.

Clearly the latter is the more disruptive force impacting the industry today.

Questions and Answers

Q:  What are the prerequisites?
A:  Most of the content in this section is written for beginners so a general knowledge of computer systems and financial markets is normally sufficient.

Q:  Is this content free?
A:  Yes, if you found value here and want to give back referrals always help. Let your friends and colleagues know about FactorPad.

Q:  Where's the catch? How do you make money?
A:  Nearly all revenue is earned from consulting projects for companies looking to streamline and automate their investment processes. Helping out is great, but optional. See our About page for more.

Q:  What about biases?
A:  This is a website filled with tutorials and reference material on open-source software and Excel. We receive no remuneration for advice or recommendations, and we never recommend investments.

What's Next?

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