Build a Better Process

Investment Modeling BootCamp

A hands-on tutorial on building alpha models and risk models and take your investment business to the institutional level.
  1. Data Set - Start with a text file of historical returns over a 5 year period for 4 stocks.
  2. Data Analysis - Install the Data Analysis ToolPak to perform statistical analysis in Excel.
  3. Concepts - Learn advanced investment and financial modeling techniques.
  4. Bridge - Take these understandings to a programming language to build processes that scale.
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Updated: February 16, 2021
Excel offers a great place to learn how money is managed at large investment firms. Keep reading.

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What Does the Course Cover?


We offer a free data set with no sign-up, so you can start learning these skills today.

How Does it Work?

After downloading a text file and importing it to your spreadsheet, we go through the process step-by-step. Each video starts with a lecture section then we put it to practice and you replicate everything on your own.

Update March 7, 2018

After gathering feedback from viewers, this Series is going through a major revision with the goal of bringing it to the same delivery style as more recent content.

A 30-video subset of the bootcamp is being repackaged under Quant 101 during Q2 2018. Please join us there and be a part of its development on both YouTube and here on the website.

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the prerequisites?
A: Some prior work with algebra, statistics, accounting, economics, stock trading and investments is helpful.

Q: Can I alter the speed of video playback?
A: Yes. Follow this link to YouTube's help page to ensure your browser is HTML5 compatible. If so, click on settings cog to alter the playback speed.

What's Next?

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/ factorpad.com / fin / bootcamp / index.html

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