Build a Better Process

Hire an Independent FactSet Consultant

Are you getting the most out of your FactSet subscription?
  1. Build Institutional-Level Processes - Bring in a fresh set of eyes with 20+ years of experience.
  2. Create Better Reporting Dashboards - Employ best practices used at large investment firms.
  3. Find New Features - Connect stock selection with portfolio construction and attribution.
  4. Ease Your Pain Points - Automate the boring stuff and make your business repeatable.
  5. Educate and Train Your Staff - Eliminate silos and reward your staff with more impactful duties.
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Updated: April 2, 2021
Hire an expert on an hourly or contract basis to take your FactSet analysis to the next level. Contact me now.

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Need help with FactSet?

FactSet is a comprehensive tool for investment firms that takes time to master.

The consultants at FactSet are reliable, but many lack experience gained from running billion dollar mutual fund portfolios, as I have.

Could you benefit from this insight and level of FactSet support?

My Experience

Technical experience includes:

My Roles

Below is a list of roles in the Finance and Technology space.



What Does Hourly Consulting Cost?

Depending on the type of work involved, hourly rates range from $50 to $150 per hour for freelance FactSet consulting.

Other considerations include availability, length of contract and the complexity of the project.

It's About Solving Problems

With FactorPad I'm building a real human company solving complex human problems requiring attention to detail, a comfort level with fairly complex math and the highest level of integrity.

I'm based in the Mountain West and I primarily work remotely and meet regularly with clients on Zoom.

I thoroughly enjoy talking with professionals about their investment approach and I am very easy going.

Let's discuss your project today.

Paul Alan Davis, CFA

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What's Next?

Learn more about how I can help you build a better investment process by visiting my professional website.

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