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Behavioral Finance definition

The frequency of market bubbles, panics and crashes exceed what we predict statistically, but market participants are human after all.


Behavioral finance is the study of human psychology as it relates to financial decision-making. Many findings from the study of behavioral finance indicate that investors do not behave rationally. Rational behavior is a key assumption of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH).

Synonym: behavioural finance

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Which noted scholar in behavioral finance explained synthetic CDOs with Selena Gomez in a cameo for the film The Big Short (2015)? | Daniel Kahneman, Robert Shiller or Richard Thaler?

Richard Thaler

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Zoe:  Should I use the American spelling of Behavioral Finance  or the British one?
Kay:  Only 36% of Americans have passports. Know your audience. Go with behavioral.


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~/ home  / finance  / glossary  / Behavioral Finance

behavioral finance
investor psychology
Modern Portfolio Theory
Efficient Market Hypothesis