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Debt security definition

Buyers of debt securities buy the obligation to be repaid principal plus interest. Buyers of equity securities buy the opportunity for growth. That's where the differences begin.
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by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, July 16, 2016
Updated: December 31, 2018
It is helpful to compare and contrast debt securities with equity securities. Keep reading to learn the distinctions between the two.

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Debt Security


A Debt Security is an investment in the debt or leverage side of a business or government entity. In the event of a bankruptcy, debt securities are given higher priority than equity securities.

The owner of a debt security is interested in a fixed and stable return in the form of periodic interest payment. Typically debt securities mature and at that time the investor is returned a final principal payment.

Debt security prices are sensitive to prevailing interest rates and decrease in value when interest rates rise because alternative assets return a higher fixed payment. The opposite is true when interest rates fall.

Synonyms: bond, note, fixed-income

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Liz:  In this deck, must I define a debt security ? These days it's like, don't sue me.
Sue:  To the former, yes, and to the latter, huh?


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Debt securities suffer capital losses when interest rates ____. | Fall or Rise?


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