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Financial modeling definition

Which is more widely practiced? Granular company-specific financial modeling or the more broad and risk-encompassing investment modeling? It's hard to say.


Financial modeling is the process of developing financial projections for a company, typically in a spreadsheet. It can be performed for both public and private companies, and is one component of fundamental analysis. See also investment modeling.

Synonyms: pro-forma statements

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Which of the following is not typically analyzed when financial modeling. | Cash Flows or Capital Expenditures or Stock Correlations

Stock Correlations

In a Sentence

Pam:  Did you hear that sell-side analyst on the call grill the Ford CEO on SG&A guidance?
Eve:  Yep, another example of the blame game. His financial model  of EPS missed by a penny.


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~/ home  / finance  / glossary  / financial modeling

financial modeling
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