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Quantitative analysis definition

Not a popular investment strategy until the 1990s and characterized by an academic and scientific approach sometimes resulting in algorithmic and high frequency trading.


Quantitative analysis is the process of evaluating investments based on the systematic evaluation of financial ratios, measures and factors across broad groups of securities. If is often associated with structured, rules-based, academic and scientific approaches to security selection.

Synonym: Quant

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Which of the following is a disadvantage of quantitative analysis? | Breadth or Crowding or Diversification or Measured Risk?


In a Sentence

Bev:  I'd like to see specific risk and more quantitative analysis  measures for our funds.
Ann:  I'm good with that, but we don't want to mention the 'Q' word or we'll be labeled.


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~/ home  / finance  / glossary  / quantitative analysis

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