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Portfolio Rebalance Definition, Discussion and Quiz

Trading frequency can range from second-by-second for high-frequency strategies to annually for buy-and-hold value mandates.
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Updated: February 18, 2021
In my experience, rebalancing portfolios is more of an art than a science. Learn more below.

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About Portfolio Rebalancing Frequency and Turnover


Portfolio Rebalance is the process of changing the weights of assets like stocks or bonds in a portfolio by trading. Active portfolios, indexes and benchmarks are all rebalanced. Some common benchmarks are rebalanced according to a set quarterly or annual schedule. Active portfolio managers may rebalance their portfolios as frequently as quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly, depending on the desired portfolio turnover.

Synonyms: trade, re-weight, re-allocate

For context, as with most finance and investment activities, the timing for rebalancing a portfolio is highly dependent on the view from the portfolio managers who set up the investment process. Each active manager hopes to have a source of alpha and portfolio turnover is a key component to generating that alpha.

The source of information used typically dictates how frequently and how aggressively to turn over a portfolio. Since public company financial statement arrive quarterly, a firm who is highly dependent on interpreting that data would tend to rebalance after quarterly reports are made public. For more technical-minded traders, the portfolio rebalance frequency may be much more market-dependent.

Portfolio turnover statistics are commonly available on public mutual funds, but less so with private investments, so it's a good data point to inquire about and measure.

In a Sentence

Guy:  A survey showed a change in mutual fund portfolio rebalance frequency after the financial crisis.
Eve:  Yeah, I remember. That's when risk and compliance officers became office rock stars.


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It is more common for active managers to rebalance a portfolio when alpha models change rather than when risk models do. | True or False?


New cash invested in a mutual fund may require a portfolio rebalance. | True or False?

True. Depending on the new percent weight of cash and portfolio manager discretion.

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