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Stock Spin-Off Definition, Example and Quiz

A corporate action that can have a material impact on the surviving company's financial statements, stock price, benchmark weight, risk and market characteristics.
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Updated: February 18, 2021
Even though corporate spin-offs are infrequent, we need to account for them accurately. See below.

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Understanding How Stock Spin-Offs Impact Investors


A Stock Spin-Off is a corporate action where a company separates a business operation and creates a completely new entity, normally as another public company.

Corporate spin-offs are rare, occurring for about 2% to 3% of large US companies annually. Shareholders receive shares of the new entity and the value of their current stock drops by the same amount. Some pricing services account for spin-offs as special dividends.

Synonym: corporate spin-off

For context, let's review an example of a stock spin-off that occurred recently. Effective April 3, 2020, in a fairly complicated transaction, Raytheon and United Technologies merged, terminated Raytheon's stock, took that of United Technologies and renamed it Raytheon Technologies. At the same time they enacted two stock spin-offs of the Otis Worldwide and Carrier Global businesses as separately traded stocks.

The tax treatment of a corporate spin-off can be difficult to reconcile. Details about cost basis can be found at company investor relations website. Spin-off details are provided in 'Current Reports' 8-K filings with the SEC.

Of course, the holder can sell the stock before the spin-off record date to avoid extra tax filings.

In a Sentence

Doc:  Can someone explain the logic for why the Board of Directors would initiate a stock spin-off?
Tom:  Wouldn't it be like a pastry shop selling the best piece of a pie at a higher price than the other slices?


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From the time a corporate spin-off is announced, it normally takes how many quarters until completion? | 1 Quarter, 2 Quarters, 3 Quarters or More than 3 Quarters?

More than 3 Quarters

Without being informed about a spin-off, an investor might think the stock dropped materially, as with a stock split? | True or False


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