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Play Free Online Games While Learning to Code Faster

Coding games offer a break from textbook learning and help to reinforce mundane keystrokes
  1. Online games - Play from anywhere in the world.
  2. Free learning - Free is better than not.
  3. Learn coding - Being honest, learning to code is difficult. Having fun with an educational game is a nice diversion.
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Updated: February 21, 2021
Challenge yourself to make your own games. Learn more below.

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Games for Faster Learning

Play free online games and learn to code faster with this unique FinTech education resource.

Vimazing Race - The hjkl Edition


The Vimazing Race maze game reinforces the most granular level of Vim navigation with only these four keys.

Download the game for free. It's a simple a text file you open in Vim. Instructions are provided on the game page.

Questions and Answers

Q:  When will new games be available?
A:  Just like with everything here, it all depends on demand. If you like it we will create more. Reach out on social media.

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