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Learn to Code Python with Tutorials, Reference and Code Examples

All programming languages have steep learning curves but now Python offers beginners the greatest reward due to its relevancy and momentum.
  1. Python Reference - A clean and consistent approach to present otherwise boring material. It's prioritized so you know where to focus your energies.
  2. Data Science Tutorials - Learn Data Science with short 5-minute summary tutorials with code examples in HTML.
Paul Alan Davis, CFA, November 27, 2018
Updated: November 27, 2018
With opportunities in data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, back-end databases and game development, Python has the wind at its back.

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Our Python Learning Content

Currently we offer two ways to learn Python.

  1. Python Reference - for an exploration of The Python Standard Library first, then useful modules.
  2. Data Science - for an open-ended journey taking a full-stack approach to with Python being the focal point. It sits on top of the Debian Linux operating system, MySQL and MariaDB databases, with front-end work in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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