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Statistical Sample Definition and Quiz

We can't get our arms around the population, so we sample.
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Updated: February 18, 2021
Try to imagine the population of all investments in world, and this illustrates our challenge. Learn more below.

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Understanding Statistical Samples for Investments


Statistical Sample refers to a subset of a population to be studied. In Finance, and particularly investments, the population is rarely known, so sampling techniques are used to make a best guess estimate about a population.

Synonym: sample, replicate

For context, the size of the sample is an important aspect of any empirical study for the analyst to make inferences about a population.

There are several ways an investment analyst can select the appropriate sample size, including using a target variance for an estimate, the power of the statistical test and the confidence level desired. Also, making estimates about a proportion, mean, for hypothesis testing requires different procedures.

Sometimes as a rule of thumb, with investments, analysts will require a sample size of 30, or 60 observations.

In a Sentence

Guy:  Yeah...but none of my past three employers complained about my social skills.
Eve:  Now that's not a verg big statistical sample Guy. You should be the first to acknowledge that.


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Measuring a sample is common in social sciences like Economics because it is often difficult to define a population. | True or False?


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