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Linux Essentials Tutorials:
A Beginner's First 100 Commands

Learn the Linux command line faster with video tutorials on YouTube paired with code examples found here. It's freely accessible with no sign-up.
  1. Format - See how the consistent 4-minute summary video content saves you time.
  2. Code examples - Review all code examples here in HTML.
  3. Reference - Return to the 100 commands when you need a refresher.
  4. Comprehensive - Get a strong start with basic commands in Linux, finishing with an introduction to shell scripting.
  5. Quizzes - Take a quiz to keep it fun and challenging.
  6. Get started - Improve your career prospects by learning the Linux command line.
by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, August 7, 2017
Updated: July 13, 2018
Some follow the 100 tutorials in succession. Others use it as a reference.

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Linux Tutorial Overview

Three modes of learning Linux are better than just one.

  1. Video Tutorials
    • 3-4 minute summaries of each command
    • accessed from the Outline or from YouTube
  2. Web-Based Tutorials
    • 100 pages
    • all code examples provided
  3. Quizzes
    • 8 quizzes
    • video and text formats

Here, we use all three, and they're integrated to make it faster and easier. Follow along on your Linux and Mac computer. Many commands also work on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux.


Video Tutorials

Videos can be accessed from the YouTube Playlist or from the outline below. The total runtime is 5 hours.

Try out the last video #100 in the series and see what's within your reach.

Linux fold command summary with examples (4:34)

Video Script

Each command in this Linux Tutorial has its own page on this website. The script is a subset of what you will find in the videos. Videos were designed to be searchable, so some of the repeated video content is stripped out here.

This is how we show code for inline examples: ls or apropos and for multi-line entries we use a code window like this:

$ whatis whatis whatis (1) - display one-line manual page descriptions $ _


Find 8 quizzes as well. You can watch the video quizzes on YouTube or take them here. Just click the box for the answer.

How do you determine if the alias command is a shell built-in?

$ type alias

The Outline

This is a snippet from the Linux Tutorial Outline.

Optimized for html5, web pages open in the current browser window. Videos hosted on YouTube open in a new window on a desktop, or the YouTube App if you are on a mobile device.

Linux Essentials Tutorials

A Beginner's First 100 Basic Commands

1. exit       - logout and close terminal
2. whatis       - display one-line manual page descriptions
3. clear       - clear the terminal screen
4. man       - view the local reference manuals
5. less       - view and search text files

Find links to all 100 videos and the quizzes in the Outline.

Questions and Answers

Q:  What are the prerequisites?
A:  Just have the ability to find your Terminal or command prompt on your Mac or Linux computer. Please note, we haven't tested the commands on the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" feature in Windows.

Q:  Is this entire video series free?
A:  Yes, it is ad-supported. Please tell your friends so future videos remain free.

Q:  Can I alter the speed of video playback?
A:  Yes. Follow this link to YouTube's HTML5 help page to ensure your browser is compatible. If so, click the settings cog to alter playback speed.

Q:  Why do only some videos have annotation dialogs?
A:  YouTube discontinued the ability to edit annotations in 2017. Since annotations are used for navigation already, we elected not to modify them.

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