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Data Science Tutorials - Learn to Code the Full Stack

An open-ended journey using open-source software. Transition from data analysis in a spreadsheet to powerful data science with programming.
  1. Self-starters - Learn to program for free. All you need is motivation.
  2. Your schedule - Tackle web and video tutorials on your own time and at your pace.
  3. Summary format - View fast-paced 4-5 minute video summaries and complete one task at a time.
  4. Code examples - Follow along with the code examples and video scripts to reinforce what you learned.
  5. Adaptive - Learn new techniques with an open-ended series that will adapt to new trends.
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Updated: February 21, 2021
So if you're ready to learn data science, check out the outline nad get started. There is so much to learn!

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Our Software Stack

It's all open-source so the cost of participating is nil. Other components will be added to this current structure.

Four Layers

An overview is listed below. Click the Outline tab for all of the details.

What Makes It Unique?

The goal is to learn quickly so we supplement text with other original content.

Video Tutorial

Have a look at a recent video. We start at the beginner level, and add difficulty as we climb the learning curves.

Which 8 math functions should Python beginners learn first? (4:56)

Video Scripts

Didn't catch something? We include the whole video tutorial script.

This is how we show code in sentences mv script.py bin and for multi-line entries we use a code window like this:

$ whatis mv mv (1) - move (rename) files


We're working on quizzes too. Click the box for the answer.

According to a 2015 survey, which operating system ran 68% of public facing servers? | Linux/Unix or Windows?


Note: Upgrade from Internet Explorer to use this functionality

An Overview of the Projects

Below is a summary of Projects and each one encompasses about 10 tasks. All video and web-page tutorials, or tasks, can be accessed by clicking on the Outline button.

Project 1 - Server and OS Setup

In the opening project we select the Operating System appropriate for building data science projects that can scale, while walking through an installation.

Project 2 - Linux for Beginners

In the second project we get a feel for Linux, navigate the system, learn how commands work, review the setup, install software and get ready to code.

Project 3 - Python for Beginners

In our third step we install Python and play with strings, variables, relationship operators, keywords and escape sequences. It isn't as fun as crunching data will be later, but this is a necessary first step with our main programming language.

Project 4 - HTML and CSS for Beginners

Next, we'll learn a little HTML and CSS because browsers will be with us for a long time. (Coming up next after a revamp of the content and delivery)

Questions and Answers

Q:  What is the best way to access the videos without getting lost on YouTube?
A:  Two options here. First, go straight to the YouTube Playlist (opens a new window), or second, use the navigation at our Outline.

Q:  Which programs will we use?
A:  See the first page and video called Learn Data Science for a quick run-down.

Q:  What are the prerequisites?
A:  Have a familiarity with spreadsheets, basic statistics, computers and a strong desire to learn.

Q:  Is this tutorial series free?
A:  Yes, it is ad-supported. Please tell your friends so future tutorials remain free.

Q:  When will additional content be released?
A:  This open-ended series started in Q1 2017 and will continue intermittently depending on other company projects and, of course, feedback plus demand.

Q:  Can I alter the speed of video playback?
A:  Yes. Follow this line to YouTube's HTML5 help page to ensure your browser is compatible. If so, click the settings cog to alter playback speed.

What's Next?

First off, make sure you don't miss new videos at our YouTube Channel. Also, for reminders follow @factorpad on Twitter and our no-spam email list.

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/ factorpad.com / tech / full-stack / index.html

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