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Data Science Tutorials: The Outline

Learn data science one task at a time while building your stack.
  1. Tasks - Break down larger projects into 5-minute tasks.
  2. Projects - Build knowledge by finishing a project that encompasses about 10 tasks.
  3. Formats - Supplement video learning with code examples available in web format.
  4. Open source - Learn today's most important open technologies that are in demand.
  5. Outline - Launch video and web content straight from this page.
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Updated: February 21, 2021
See the detailed outline below. How exciting! This is going to be fun.

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Our Outline for Data Science Learning

A data science course uniquely designed for the full stack web developer. This course offers a way to analyze big data and also publish results with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On top of learning Python for data analysis, you will also learn other open-source tools. In the end, this will help you achieve your career aspirations. Good luck!

Videos can be accessed individually below by clicking the symbol (opens a new browser tab or the YouTube app on mobile devices). Web pages are accessed with this symbol .

Project 1 - Server and OS Setup

In the opening project we select the Operating System appropriate for building data science projects that can scale, while walking through an installation.

YouTube Playlist - 01 Server and OS Setup

  1.     What is the quickest way to learn Data Science?
  2.     What is Data Science? The factors for success.
  3.     Is programming required for Data Science? The pros and cons of spreadsheets.
  4.     Which operating system is most common in Data Science? Linux, Mac or Windows?
  5.     How should you prepare for a Debian Linux installation?
  1.     How do you create a Linux-bootable flash USB drive?
  2.     How do you install Debian Linux on Intel and AMD hardware using amd64?
  3.     How do you install SSH on the server with openssh-server software in Linux?
  4.     The Windows SSH client PuTTY plus the Mac and Linux ssh commands.
  5.     How do you configure PuTTY for SSH access to Linux from Windows?

Project 2 - Linux for Beginners

In the second project we get a feel for Linux, navigate the system, learn how commands work, review the setup, install software and get ready to code.

YouTube Playlist - 02 Linux for Beginners

  1.     What are the first steps when learning Linux? A tutorial for beginners
  2.     How do you navigate Linux? Using pwd cd ls mkdir mv and rm
  3.     How do you find commands in Linux? Using apropos locate find and which
  4.     How do you find command help in Linux? Using whatis man info and type
  5.     What are shell builtins? Using type bash and help in Linux
  1.     Which Linux characters do beginners use most? - / ~ ; # . > | Ctrl-c
  2.     How do Linux configuration files work? Interactive and login sessions
  3.     How do you install software in Linux? Using apt-cache apt-get and dpkg
  4.     How do you set permissions in Linux? Using sudo su id chmod and chown
  5.     What is the Linux environment? Using printenv set export and echo
  1.     How do you enable syntax highlighting in nano? Using .nanorc and touch

Project 3 - Python for Beginners

In our third step we install Python and play with strings, variables, relationship operators, keywords and escape sequences. It isn't as fun as crunching data will be later, but this is a necessary first step with our main programming language.

YouTube Playlist - 03 Python for Beginners

  1.     How do you install Python on Debian-based systems?
  2.     What are the rules for math in Python? Using PEMDAS and # ( ** * / // % + - )
  3.     How do you use relational operators for math in Python? Using == < > <= => !=
  4.     How do you create text strings and variables in Python? Using = ' ' " " print()
  5.     What are Python functions? Using print() type() str()
  1.     Are functions in Python similar to Excel? Using round() int() float()
  2.     How do you find help in Python using help() and pydoc?
  3.     What are the top 5 Python keywords for beginners? True False and or not
  4.     What are the first 6 text functions for Python beginners? print() type() str() len() ord() chr()
  5.     Which 5 escape sequences should Python beginners learn first? \\ \' \" \t \n
  1.     Which 8 math functions should Python beginners learn first?

Project 4 - HTML and CSS for Beginners

Next, we'll learn a little HTML and CSS because browsers will be with us for a long time.

  1. HTML and CSS, do you need to learn them for Data Science?

What's Next?

First off, make sure you don't miss new videos at our YouTube Channel. Follow @factorpad on Twitter and our no-spam email list for reminders.

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