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All HTML Tags List

Here is a plan to learn HTML. Use a comprehensive list of HTML tags and explore the most essential tags
  1. Outline - Review the list of HTML tags.
  2. Take on a project - Start making web pages. All you need is a text editor and a browser.
  3. Reference - Return here for examples and syntax for the most important tags.
  4. Attributes - Learn the parameters that make a page look and act a certain way.
  5. Advance your skills - See how CSS for styling and JavaScript programming for interactivity are related.
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Updated: February 23, 2021
I suggest that you focus on the main elements, and our coverage will expand over time.

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Outline and Guide to our HTML5 Reference with Examples


We list 108 HTML tags, or elements, from HTML version 5, broken into categories and shown by frequency of use so you can focus on the most important elements.

HTML tag list sources

The developers of the most popular browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge build features into their browsers on their own schedule based on recommendations from two organizations. Below are links to the related documentation (links open in a new window).

This All HTML Tags List was interpreted and compiled from these sources.


HTML elements fall within 7 broad categories.

  1. Document - settings for the document structure, including meta tags, elements pointing to related and optional CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files. Also includes comments and page declarations.
  2. Sections - ways to break a document into sections with horizontal lines, section headings, line breaks and paragraphs.
  3. Text - presentation of text, including hyperlinks, emphasis, strikethroughs, superscripts, citations and code blocks.
  4. Images - ways to place pictures and graphical images like icons.
  5. Lists - rules for establishing bulleted or numbered lists.
  6. Tables - settings for showing data in tables.
  7. Media - code to present audio and video within a web page.
  8. Forms - how to set up forms to collect requests from users.
Learning Priority

The column marked Priority refers to the frequency of usage within HTML documents and is a general guide for the order to learn HTML tags. The Low frequency tags in the table below are either not frequently used or do not have wide and consistent browser support.

HTML Tag Reference Outline

We currently offer detailed reference pages for the essential and most frequently-used HTML tags. With these you can create basic HTML web pages.

All HTML tags

For HTML tag syntax, attributes and code examples click the HTML5 link below.

Tag Category Priority Purpose
Document High Describe the document type to browsers
<!-- -->
Document High Insert a partial line, whole line or multi-line comment
Text High Anchor a hyperlink
Text Low Insert an abbreviation
Text Mid Identify an address block
Images Low Map an area of an image
Text Low Identify an article or independent content
Text Low Add a sidebar
Media Low Set audio autoplay features
Text Low Set bold text
Document Low Settings for the browser button
Document Low Set a base for relative URLs
Text Low Set bi-directional override for text direction
Text Mid For a long block quotation
Document High Identify the main body of content and the part displayed in the main browser window
<br /> Sections High A line break
Forms Mid Insert a clickable button
Images Low A canvas to draw JavaScript graphics
Tables Mid Include a caption with a table
Text Low To cite a title of work
Text Mid A phrase tag for computer code
Tables Mid Specify column properties in a table.
Forms Low Specify a command
Tables Mid Format columns in a group of a table
Tables Low Set options for a data list
Lists Mid Define a Description in a list
Text Low Refer to strikethrough deleted content
Text Low Insert section so details can be expanded
Text Low A term definition
Forms Low Set up a dialog box
Sections High Set up a division or section in a document
Lists Mid For a description list
Lists Mid For a description term
Text High To add emphasis to text
Media Mid To embed media into a document
Forms Low Establish a fieldset for a form
Images Low Set up a figure for an image
Document Mid Create a footer on the page
Forms Mid Set up an input form
Sections High The largest of six section headings
Sections High The second largest of six section headings
Sections High The third largest of six section headings
Sections High The fourth largest of six section headings
Sections High The fifth largest of six section headings
Sections High The sixth largest of six section headings
Document High Include a head section of the document for metadata, file links, images, CSS, JavaScript and links to third party data
Text Low Provide introductory header information
<hr />
Sections High A horizontal rule or line showing a break
Document High The html tag is the root element of the document and within it sit all other tags
Text Mid Set text to italic
Media Mid To embed an inline frame
<img />
Images High Place an image in the document
Forms Mid Create an input form
Text Low Indicates inserted or updated text
Text Low Show text as if it were entered in a keyboard
Forms Low A key generator for a form
Forms Low Give a form a label
Forms Low Set a legend for a form
Lists High Create a list item like a bullet point
<link />
Document High For a link to an external document like stylesheet
Document Low Semantically identifies a main section of the document
Document Low For a clickable image map
Text Low To mark text like a highlighter
Document Low Establish a clickable menu
<meta />
Document High For non-visible metadata about the document including SEO data, character encodings and third-party data
Images Low Show a progress meter graphic
Document Low Define navigational links
Document Mid Text to display when browser selects no scripting
Media Low Embed an object like media
Lists High Set an ordered list
Forms Low Set up an option group in a form
Forms Mid For an option in a form
Forms Mid For a calculated output area for a form
Sections High Create a paragraph section
Media Low For parameters for embedded plugins
Images Low Add flexibility with pictures and images
Text Mid For preformatted text
Images Low Show a progress meter
Text Mid Include a quote in text
Text Low Add a ruby parentheses for text
Text Low Add a ruby tag for text
Text Low Provide pronunciation for ruby text
Text Mid For strikethrough text
Text Low Show sample output
Document High To include a script like JavaScript
Sections Low Set a section of the document
Forms Mid Establish a select list in a form
Text Mid Print using a smaller font
Media Low Settings for media sources
Text Mid Set a span of text with different formatting
Text High Make text stronger or more important
Document Mid Set a style for an HTML document
Text Low Print text in subscript
Text Low Show a summary within a details tag
Text Low Print text in superscript
Tables Mid Present data in a table
Tables Low Add a table body
Tables Mid Establish table data
Forms Low A multi-line text area for a form
Tables Low For a table footer section
Tables Mid For a table heading
Tables Low For a table header section
Media Low For time in a machine-readable form
Document High The title of a document
Tables Mid Establish a table row
Lists High For an unordered list
Text Low Give text a variable name
Media Low Insert media as a video

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