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Learn Linux with Free Tutorials, Reference Materials and Examples

The Linux command line interface has a steep learning curve but these skills are in demand. Here we cover system and server administration.
  1. Linux Essentials - Learn your first 100 commands at the Terminal with video tutorials and quizzes.
  2. Linux Tutorials - Learn system administration of Debian-based Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi, Linux Mint and Kali Linux.
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Updated: February 23, 2021
The most scalable systems are built on Linux and our resource is free and growing, so bookmark us.

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Our Linux Learning Content

Currently we offer two ways to learn Linux.

  1. Linux Essentials - for 3-5 minute video tutorials on YouTube with video transcripts here including quizzes and examples of each command. It's part reference and part series, mainly designed as a summary of each command.
  2. Linux Tutorials - for individual projects, learn how to navigate and administer your Debian-based Linux computer.

What's Next?

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