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Vim Reference - Learn Vim and Never Go Back

The Vim learning curve goes from daunting to doable after you learn the basics.
  1. vimtutor - Get going with vimtutor until you have the keystrokes memorized.
  2. Reference - Find reference material that challenges you and keeps you interested and motivated.
  3. Goals - Set a goal to make Vim your daily go-to editor you use for work and play.
  4. Get started - Expect to struggle like everyone does at first, and keep going!
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Updated: February 25, 2021
We're just starting this Vim reference and it will grow as you grow. See more below.

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Difficulty Level

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We start with easy material and as you keep reading the difficulty level picks up.


At the beginner level, don't worry if you get frustated. Everyone does with Vim. It's different. It's quirky. It's maddening. That's all normal, just keep going like the experts did. The modal system, while different, is exactly what makes it so fast.


At this level you've likely committed to using Vim professionally as your number 1 editor (when you have the choice). You're fast, but always have the desire to go faster. The mouse and arrow keys are likely disabled and you're less and less enamoured with GUI environments.


Here you achieved guru status. Finding a job is easy because you quickly edit many files at once using scripts and regular expressions. At the same time, there's always a new tip or trick someone has found that would help you improve. So you keep learning Vim.

Ready to Get Started?

Vim Questions and Answers

Q:  What are the prerequisites?
A:  Just have the ability to find your Terminal or command prompt on your Mac or Linux computer. We haven't tested Vim on Windows but many people use the GUI version there.

Q:  Is this Vim reference free?
A:  Yes, it is tip-supported. Please tell your friends so future content remains free.

What's Next?

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/ factorpad.com / tech / vim / reference / index.html

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