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Outline: Learn Vim Commands and Write Code Faster

The fastest way to learn Vim is finding a place to start.
  1. Outline - Review the outline of vim commands and how-to guides below.
  2. Get started - Select a topic you are interested in and get started as if it were a real project.
  3. Milestones - Complete the code examples and exercises and soon you will be able to write code faster and program with the Vim editor.
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Updated: February 25, 2021
Learning how to do it is the easy part. Now it's up to you. Pick a topic from the outline below and get started. Have fun!

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Outline and Guide to Vim Commands and Procedures

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Vim Commands and Reference

An Outline for learning to code faster with Vim.

1. Open Vim       - see four ways to open the Vim editor
2. Exit Vim       - learn three ways to quit Vim
3. Save Vim       - master saving Vim files with or without quitting
4. hjkl Vim       - navigate Vim with hjkl keys and numbers
5. Master Vim       - create a plan to master Vim

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/ factorpad.com / tech / vim / reference / vim-commands.html

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