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Linux Quiz 1d covering bash, ls, whereis, echo, touch, and...

This is the fourth quiz for commands 1-20 in the tutorial series The video is a bit faster if you're up for a challenge. If you get 25 quiz questions correct no one can call you a Linux noob.


Our quizzes come in two flavors: YouTube video and text below. The video lasts 6 1/2 minute video. It's also set to relaxing music. The text-based quiz has the same 25 questions but you can go at your own pace. If you enjoy it, please tell a friend.

Video and quiz by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, December 6, 2016
Updated: August 1, 2017

Linux Command Line Quiz | 1d


Linux Command Line Game for Beginners | 1d (6:27)

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The Quiz

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How do you send file1.txt to the screen without using a pager?

$ cat file1.txt


How do you print "hello" after one carriage return?

$ echo -e "\nhello"


How do you list all aliases in the current session?

$ alias


How do you list all files and details sorted by time modified?

$ ls -alt


How do you print the date of tomorow using the short option?

$ date -d tomorrow


How do you find out if the bash program is executable?

$ file /bin/bash


How do you find reserved words used by bash?

$ man bash


How do you clear text from the current window?

$ clear


How do you use the non-built-in version of pwd?

$ /bin/pwd


How do you print a description of the whatis command?

$ whatis whatis


How do you view the briefest help on the man command?

$ man --usage


How do you point to a non-shell built-in version of echo help?

$ /bin/echo --help


How do you find out if the type command is a shell built-in?

$ type type


How do you print semi-hidden files in a directory?

$ ls -a


How do you change the current working directory to /etc?

$ cd /etc


How do you logout of the current session?

$ exit


How do you find your login name without using id?

$ whoami


How do you show the current day of the month?

$ date +%d


How do you change access date on file1.txt to yesterday?

$ touch -a yesterday file1.txt


How do you show details including date modified on directory listings?

$ ls -l


How do you open file1.txt in nano read-only mode?

$ nano -v file1.txt


How do you review help with less in one keystroke?

$ h


How do you find the man page location for whoami?

$ whereis -m whoami


How do you see the path searched by the which command?

$ echo $PATH


How do you list all locations of the which command?

$ which -a which

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