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Learn Enterprise Search and Website Search with Apache Solr

Apache Solr can help you build out highly scalable search applications. Look for our offering to expand here and at our YouTube Channel.
  1. Solr Tutorials - a linear approach to learning this complex open-source application.
  2. Solr Reference - includes Solr commands, tips and procedures for a more project-oriented approach.
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Updated: February 24, 2021
We focus on Solr at the command line with the goal of building a production-ready customized search application. Join us.

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What is the Opportunity?

Search is hot! With providers like Google Custom Search, Amazon CloudSearch and others offering managed search, the space is evolving. And for enterprise search the Lucene library is mature and players like Elasticsearch and Apache's own offering Apache Solr with its SolrCloud distributed search capabilities translates to opportunities for the self-motivated to learn new and valuable skills.

Our Apache Solr Learning Content

See our Solr Tutorial where we share procedures to install, build and maintain search applications in Apache Solr.

For a structured approach, bookmark our growing Solr Reference where we cover setup, maintenance and the finer points as you evaluate custom site search and enterprise search offerings on your way to success in production.

If you need help implementing Solr, please contact us through your preferred social media venue (links below).

What's Next?

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