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Our Apache Solr tutorials cover the basics in a test environment and lay out a more formal plan to take search to production.
  1. Test environment - As with most enterprise-ready applications setup can be challenging so we introduce Solr in a test environment.
  2. Goals and use cases - Apache Solr can support search across an Intranet where security is a lower threat or in a public-facing web application.
  3. Customization - Each organization will have its own unique document locations, schemas and how the inverted index is created and maintained.
  4. Search application - The development of a customized search application requires planning and configuration.
  5. Scaling - Setting up a production environment requires a highly customized environment and a possible investment in a cloud offering called SolrCloud.
by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, September 27, 2017
Updated: July 13, 2018
This Apache Solr Tutorial starts with the test environment in both YouTube video and web-based tutorials.

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Apache Solr Tutorial

See our popular Apache Solr Tutorial for Beginners on this website with links to YouTube videos.

Difficulty Level

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We start with introductory material when building a Solr test environment and then the difficulty level picks up. We identify the difficulty level on each web page.


At the beginner level, information on Apache Solr is generally high-level and more general. These topics cover the general features of Solr search, its capabilities and how to plan a course of action for your specific needs.


At this level you have likely committed to using Apache Solr professionally as your search application. Here we focus on installation, search concepts and customization. We dig into the configuration files, schemas, topics on indexes and building out search features.


Here you are proficient with Solr and are ready to move your search application to a production environment. Topics here include coding the front-end of the application, scaling, SolrCloud, Lucene and sharing data across applications in the back end with APIs.

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Questions and Answers

Q:  What are the prerequisites?
A:  A comfort level with the Linux command line, the client/server relationship, networking, XML and the concept of an inverted index.

Q:  Can FactorPad provide additional help?
A:  Yes. Contact us through social media.

Q:  Is this Solr Tutorial free?
A:  Yes, it is ad-supported. Please tell your friends so future content remains free.

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