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Linux Quiz 1b covering exit, less, cat, date, bash and...

This is the second quiz. At the end let us know what you think. Leave comments on YouTube. There you can find this quiz set to groovy music.


On video this quiz takes 6 1/2 minutes or you can take as long as you like here. This text-based quiz covers the same 25 questions. Enjoy and have a good time getting smarter.

Video and quiz by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, November 28, 2016
Updated: August 1, 2017

Linux Command Line Quiz | 1b


Linux Command Line Quiz for Beginners | 1b (6:27)

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The Quiz

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How do you make an alias lst with date/time and a directory listing?

$ alias lst='date; ls'


How do you change to one directory above the current one?

$ cd ..


How do you open the .bashrc file using a basic editor?

$ nano .bashrc


How do you find all locations of the non-shell built-ins cat and touch?

$ which -a cat touch


How do you print a short command summary for echo?

$ whatis echo


How do you scroll up one page in the terminal?

$ Shift-PgUp


How do you display a single word description of file1.txt's structure?

$ type -a file1.txt


How do you determine if a file called report.sh is an executable?

$ file report.sh


How do you view file1.txt with line numbers in a pager?

$ less -N file1.txt


How do you find the locations and man page for the touch command?

$ whereis touch


How do you find the location of the non-shell built-in command nano?

$ which nano


How do you send file1.txt to standard output with numbering?

$ cat -n file1.txt


How do you update file1.txt timestamp to yesterday?

$ touch --date="yesterday" file1.txt


How do you find simplified help on the non-shell built-in date?

$ date --help


How do you determine if the alias command is a shell built-in?

$ type alias


How do you find the location(s) of the less binaries?

$ type -a less


How do you print a list of details on non-hidden directory contents?

$ ls -l


How do you show all files and details in a directory?

$ ls -al


How do you display the variable called x?

$ echo $x


How do you redirect ls output to a file called file1.txt?

$ ls > file1.txt


How do you logout and close the terminal?

$ exit


How do you print file1.txt to standard output without a pager?

$ cat file1.txt


How do you display tomorrow's date?

$ date --date="tomorrow"


How do you find the manual page for the shell built-in called alias?

$ man bash


How do you pause a process using a shortcut?

$ Ctrl-z

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