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Linux Quiz 1c covering clear, cd, whoami, which, type and...

This is our third quiz and you can find it set to mellow music in the video if that's your thing. There the pace is quick, so make sure you've studied commands 1-20 from the tutorials.


Below find a quiz that covers 6 1/2 minutes on the YouTube video or if you prefer to take your time on the 25 questions stay here. This is unique content so if you have fun and learn something, stick around for another quiz. They're free.

Video and quiz by Paul Alan Davis, CFA, December 5, 2016
Updated: August 1, 2017

Linux Command Line Quiz | 1c


Linux Command Line Quiz Game for Beginners | 1c (6:27)

Videos can also be accessed from the YouTube Playlist.

The Quiz

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How do you find out what type of file .bash_history is?

$ file .bash_history


How do you leave the less pager in one keystroke?

$ q


How do you leave a second bash session opened with bash?

$ exit


How do you show a description of the touch command?

$ whatis touch


How do you show the current full weekday name?

$ date +%A


How do you show permissions and details of files in a directory?

$ ls -l


How do you look up online help for the which command?

$ man which


How do you print directory permissions and details?

$ ls -l


How do you print last Monday's date?

$ date -d "last Monday"


How do you find out if the ls command is an alias?

$ type ls


How do you erase the terminal screen?

$ clear


How do you find locations of manuals for the cat command?

$ whereis -m cat


How do you list files without showing owner and group info?

$ ls -og


How do you close the current terminal session?

$ exit


How do you print "hello" tabbed one time?

$ echo -e "\thello"


How do you move to the directory of user files?

$ cd /home


How do you open file1.txt in nano at line 20?

$ nano +20 file1.txt


How do you show shell built-in commands?

$ bash -c help


How do you find help on the built-in version of pwd?

$ man bash


How do you combine file1.txt and file2.txt and print to the screen?

$ cat file1.txt file2.txt


How do you find multiple locations of the nano command?

$ which -a nano


How do you change the file1.txt modify date to yesterday?

$ touch -d yesterday file1.txt


How do you show a user guide for the non-shell program date?

$ man date


How do you find help on built-in commands?

$ man bash


How do you find out if bash is a bash built-in?

$ type bash

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